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Big Fat Stories is an agency that delivers blogs, social media content and website content specifically for the hospitality sector. Our clients include hotels, holiday parks, resorts, amusement parks, restaurants and bars.

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Blogs, web copy and online content for the hospitality world! Our mission is to find the right words and images to make your brand truly welcoming.

Why you need them

Visitors will take just 5 seconds to decide if they want to stay on your site. So you need to make an immediate impression and convince them your offer is worthwhile. The right words can make a huge impact here!

Caring is sharing!

Good hospitality brands all benefit from “ word of mouth” advertising. But to share people must first care and to care they need to be inspired. That’s where we come in!

2 reasons why Swedish winters are hotter than your summer!

In Sweden winters can reach temperatures of below -20 degrees C and yet they still manage to stay warm in their favourite room, the bedroom. Great beds and quality bedroom products of course! Two Swedish companies are setting the pace in the bedroom sector, The Lodge Limited and The Nordic Bed Co.

15th Oct

Make your hotel lobby child friendly with the Liliane Dolls Villa

Make your hotel lobby child friendly with the Liliane Dolls Villa

15th Oct

Kids Clubs of the Future, the smart way to capture the travelling family!

The family travel market is booming. In fact it’s the fastest growing...

28th Jul