2 reasons why Swedish winters are hotter than your summer!

On 15 October 2015

In Sweden winters can reach temperatures of below -20 degrees C  and yet they still manage to stay warm in their favourite room, the bedroom. How do they do this I hear you ask?

Well the answer is a lot more innocent than the one you have in your head right now.

Great beds and quality bedroom products of course!

Two Swedish companies are setting the pace in the bedroom sector, The Lodge Limited and  The Nordic Bed Co.

The Lodge Limited make bedroom products of the highest quality. This Swedish company makes sure people get a good nights sleep on even the coldest of nights with their 1st class range of duvet covers, pillow cases and woollen and cashmere blankets. They are specialists in keeping you warm, comfortable and well rested. The Lodge Limited have a wide range of attractive colours and designs that light up any hotel bedroom with its sense of style and originality and ensures that all hotel guests wake up feeling fresh, fit and happy. Their products also make sure that your hotel bedroom photos get noticed on Trip Advisor!

By producing their goods in Europe they can also provide lower delivery times and costs and can keep a close eye on production to make sure every step from the yarn up to the packaging is GOT certified.

A great looking bedroom and extremely comfortable bedlinen go a long way to satisfying a weary traveller or holidaymaker, but when combined with the perfect bed they can become a powerful tool for a luxury hotel looking to get the edge over its competitors. The Nordic Bed Co. have created the ultimate solution, a bed that adjusts itself to the sleeping position of hotel guests, so it fits them perfectly and ensures a stress free night.

The bed was named THE PERFECT FIT by THE NORDIC BED CO. for a good reason and was developed to offer the ultimate flexible sleep and wellness solution.

A good nights sleep depends on many things, such as Stress levels, eating habits and many other factors, but the quality of the bed influences the sleeper the most. We all sleep in different positions, on the side, on the stomach, and we are all different in size and weight. So therefore it seemed a natural decision by The Nordic Bed co to design a bed that adjusted to the natural sleeping position of each guest. By personalising sleep and providing the perfect nights rest, the bed also delivers extra customer satisfaction and creates increased brand affection and loyalty.

Research shows that 71% of hotel guests are not meeting the daily suggested requirement of 7.5 hours sleep and since many people spend a lot of time away from home, often due to work, this has a direct negative affect on their health and well-being. Waking up bleary eyed and grumpy from a lack of sleep also leaves guests with a negative feeling when checking out.

The basic function of a hotel room has remained the same throughout the centuries. To provide travellers with a good nights sleep. So logical that to achieve this, we need to go back to basics and start with a great bed and comfortable high quality bedlinen.

Yes as always, their reputation does them justice and it seems the Swedes have this bedroom thing sussed. Time for the rest of us to follow!

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